14k Yellow Gold Necklace Extender and Safety Chain, 2.25″

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Beautiful, polished safety chain and/or extender chain. This attaches to watches and bracelets to protect your jewelry from falling off your wrist. Or, simply attach the chain to your necklace and it will be extended by 2.25 inches. This allows you to have the length of chain you are looking for in a fast and easy manner. Now you don't have to give up on that gorgeous necklace–you can extend it to the length you desire; this wonderful extender chain gives you the flexibility to change your necklace length to complement the neckline of the day. This accessory is so accommodating, people often buy two at a time in order to wear their favorite watch or bracelet with their necklace or chain.
The added flexibility it gives to your jewelry and the rising price of gold makes this, quite simply, a great investment all around.
This is 'earth friendly' as it is made with the Refined Karats system certified by Scientific Certification Systems' (SCS) strict requirements. Proudly made in America with a green process of ethically, environmentally and socially responsible production processes of water, waste and energy management; the gold is from 100 percent recycled Karats.
The rising price of gold makes this, quite simply, a great investment.
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