14k Yellow Gold Chain Necklace Extender, Safety Chain, 2.25″

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Beautiful semi-polished safety chain or extender chain; can attach this to watches or bracelets to protect your jewelry from falling off. Or, simply attach the 14k yellow gold to your necklace and it will be extended by 2.25 inches. This allows you to have the length of chain you are looking for in a fast and easy manner. Now you don't have to give up on that gorgeous necklace–you can extend it to the length you desire. This accessory is so accommodating, people often buy two at a time in order to wear their favorite watch or bracelet with their necklace or chain.
Klean Karats Ultra Cloth is also included, now that you have your necklace or bracelet extended in length–or your gold watch or bracelet safely secured with your new chain, your gold may look a bit dull compared to the new chain. No problem, take your handy chamois polishing cloth out and shine up your gold. Simple as that. Our treat to you.The added flexibility it gives to your jewelry and the rising price of gold makes this, quite simply, a great investment all around.
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